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Tessy Jerry is the CEO Tamarah’s Glow, a make up and fashion company  based in Minna, Niger State.  


Safarahub had an interview with her recently. 

Safarahub: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Tessy: My full name is Testimony Jerry but my friends call me Tessy. I am the last born of the family of 4,  from Niger State.  Kadara to be precise.  I finished my National Diploma from The Federal Polytechnic, Bida where I read Nutrition and Dietetics.  Am an upcoming make-up artist.  I also aspire to do more, not just make up artist.


Safarahub: You said you read Nutrition and Dietetics, so what’s the idea behind the make-up artist?

Tessy: It’s passion.  I have passion for make-up and fashion.

Safarahub: What is the name of your make-up outfit?

Tessy: Tamarah’s Glow.


Safarahub: For how long has Tamarah’s Glow been in existence??

Tessy: Officially,  March 2017. Though have been into make-up for long, but that was when I got my name and logo,  and also did some publicity.


Safarahub: How did you make your first sales?

Tessy: Through Referrals.

Safarahub: How do you advertise your business?

Tessy: I advertise my Business through social media.  Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.


Safarahub: How have you been able to distinguish yourself from other competitors in the make-up business?

Tessy: I do my job differently and perfectly.

Safarahub: If you weren’t into make-up, what would you be doing?

Tessy: Music! I love Music.


Safarahub: Any word of Advice to other entrepreneurs out there??

Tessy: My advice to them is to never give up.  We have many people in the industry but you can make yourself different. Be serious and God will help you.

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