Dollarisation and Pulverisation of Common Sense written by: Simbo Olorunfemi

The greatest harm done to Nigeria by the international statesman and the team of bandits who served under him must be the dollarisation and pulverisation of common sense in many Nigerians.

Even those among them who have never touched the dollar bill, spend more time thinking and talking about Dollars they do not have. They were the experts on the exchange rate, telling us how the exchange rate had everything to do with everything around them, conveniently forgetting the relationship between the brigandage under their hero and the state of the economy after his exit.

Now on forced holiday from their punditry on exchange rate, they are deploying their services to denigrating every recovery made and celebrating every ‘win’ in the court by those who stole the country blind.

They embrace every victory with cynicism. For them, the recovery of Dollars here and there is drama, a comedy, choreographed to instigate distraction from their self-appointed duty of seeking a fault where there is none.

I hope some will kneel in a corner and think these things through. Billions and billions of Naira looted while 300,000 Nigerians die from malaria every year. Millions of Dollars stolen while 37% of Nigerian children have stunted growth and 36,000 women die at childbirth every year.

The total budget for the Federal Ministry of Health is only N257.3 billion, while one person has N15 billion locked away in an unoccupied flat in a residential complex where the annual rent for a 4-bedroom flat is $150,000.

People who were wondering what was driving the insane demand for Dollars at a time. People were wondering who were the ones buying up dollars when not much was happening in the real economy. Now you know. At least, in part.

It is not even about those who steal as much as it is with those who do not have but employ themselves as Advocates for Thieves. They come here to generate alibi, fabricate justifications and laugh in scorn at what would make any sane person shed tears.

Connect the dots, if you can or you are still able to do so.

Simbo Olorunfemi works for Hoofbeatdotcom, a Nigerian Communications Consultancy and publishers of Africa Enterprise .

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