Finland, Denmark and Norway has practice reformed variants of Orthodox Christianity.
As a matter of fact, they’re​ instituted as unimposed state religions in their respective countries. These are countries where over 70% of the population identify with Christianity. Economically and socially progressive countries with top HDI. No night vigils, No seed sowings, No first fruit seeds, no weekday morning services and no prosperity preaching rascality. Just wise management of people and resources.
The African and Nigerian Christian ‘God’ should better go and submit to the ‘God’ of these ‘Christian’ nations. Have you ever heard about the G.Os of the churches of these rich countries?

The U.A.E, Qatar, Malaysia, Bahrain and Kuwait practice Islam and it is instituted as the State religion. Of all of them, the U.A.E is the most liberal in terms of religion. There is Hindu temple and there are inumerable number of churches scattered all over the place.
They practice Islam there. Not the type broadly practised across Africa and many other parts of the middle East. Women are empowered, encouraged to pursue education. The arts are promoted, modern Infrastructures are built, including boasting of some of the best healthcare facilities. You can’t say the Allah they call on or worship in these countries is the same with the ones they largely worship in Pakistan, Afghanistan, across Africa and northern Nigeria. Mind you, they also have Shari’a in place. The kind that allows adherants of the faith practice their thing on those who subscribe to it and also allow development and freedom for non Muslims.

Is it any wonder some of these Muslim countries are considered the best tourist destination? Do you know how many Nigerians working and living in UAE, Qatar and Malaysia?
Then we have people and nations we like to describe as idol worshippers. The Indians, the Japanese and the Chinese. Their excellence in progress in every field of human endeavours is unparalleled, yet those of us in Africa with superior Christian, Muslim and traditional ‘gods’ have nothing to show for the ‘mightiness’ and superiority of the ‘gods’ we hate for, kill for, opress for, enslave for and exploit for. What has the African and Nigerian traditional worshippers done with their own ‘gods’ or ‘idols’ to also be like the Indians?

It is evident that religion by itself isn’t the problem with Africa and Nigeria. The problem is our penchant to adulterate anything noble instead of refining and improving. We corrupt things, especially ideologies. We seem to lack the mental dynamism to improve things. Our knack is to despoil and diminish. The same way we perilously adulterate consumption goods is the same way we have since adulterated religion and faith instead of improving and reforming appropriately.

Fact is, Nigerian religionists mock their respective ‘Gods’ with their penchant for mediocrity, hatred, intolerance, sordidness and the generally low level of mental reasoning.
If by itself, religion was bad, then North Korea, being an irreligious state, should tower above every other state and people in the world. But hell no, that’s not the problem. The people and their pysche anywhere in the world are the ones who determine what is made of anything and everything.

The black man as a collective (that is, as a race and not as individuals), everywhere he is to be found suffers the same fate because of the homogeniety of values and psyche he is governed.
By: Olajide Abiola

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