[email protected], CELEBRATION OF CLUELESSNESS AMIDST CLUES written by: Ambassador S A Lukman

My Governor, Your Governor, Our Governor Must Think Outside The Box

Truly, I understand democracy to be government of the people, by the people and for the people but I doubt if this definition is still practically obtainable in my dear home state kwara, considering mode of reasoning, thinking and Governing pattern of my dear state Government in Kwara.

Every right thinking kwara indigen will expect no elaborate celebration to mark 50 years anniversary of creation of our dear state of harmony, rather a low-key arrangement to mark our birthday since there is no achievement to celebrate.

I hold strong opinion of organising interdenominational prayer by both Christians and Muslim to seek the face of God Almighty to see to our predicament in kwara while my Governor holds a state broadcast to announce the diversion of the anniversary budgeted money to pay our pensioners in order to secure the blessing of innocent retirees in the state for possible way forward.

I see nothing to celebrate in kwara, but I am prompted to ask what are we celebrating if we should compare our state with other states created at the same time such as Lagos, Rivers, Kano, kaduna and others.

Or may be we are to celebrate @50

only one double lane \ dual carriage road in the entire kwara State (from kulende estate junction to Micheal Imodun institute in ilorin)

All major town links roads at worse state (death Traps) Jebba/Bode Sadu to Ilorin, Offa/Ajase Ipo to Ilorin, Share\Sharagi to Ilorin, Osi/Obo Ile/Omuaran/Oro to Ilorin among others.

One polytechnic with congested population amidst poor and obsolete facilities with no even mass communication even at this 21st Century

One state university with only one functional campus and no medcine and surgery till date

One unaffordable aviation college with no scholarship scheme to ease accessibility

Poorly maintained human and infrastructure facilities at one conventional college of education and one technical college of education

4 years dead lock of #5000 bursary award for all kwara State students across the federation.

One 2years old skill acquisition center along Ajase Ipo with no Commissioning for operation till date

3 renovated general hospitals across 3 senatorial district with no personnel and modern day equipments, edifice with not operational tool. Thank God for President Olusegun obasanjo regime for completion of UNIVERSITY OF ILORIN TEACHING HOSPITAL UITH. Our only alternative to health service.

One controversial state/private owned shonga farm.

Cam wire, Dangote floor mill, Doyin group and Tuyil pharmaceutical industries all private owned while none belong to state government aside kwara Hotel.

I still find it hard to recall the reason for our jamboree called celebration of kwara @50 instead of sober reflection on the underdevelopment status of our dear harmonious state .

Oh sorry may be our post office fly over and the ongoing Gari Alimi second fly over is what we are celebrating.

Our governor must see reason to think outside the box, if he wish to continue is political career in kwara after 2019. So it won’t become problem for him to even deliver his ward councilor after his term in office.

Ordinary alternative power source such as solar panel to power only a street light In Ilorin metropolis of kwara, not to talk of powering the whole general hospital like that Of Lagos Statec is not accomplished by kwara despite all bright sun light in Kwara state, portable drinking water is far to our people, no functional water board any more, people survive with Privately driven bore hole water which the state govt charge tax upon.


If not cluelessness amidst clues.
The purchase of bullet prove Toyota Jeeps and Toyota Hilux Escort to be given to all First Class Obas’ in kwara State to celebrate kwara at 50 is another misplaced priority.

Certainly no First Class Oba in kwara State that can’t afford to buy such car on his own or call on one or two of his illustrious sons or Daughters to get one.

Although, I doubt if Our Governor know that we understood the political ration behind the sudden good gesture of jeep sharing to our traditional rulers but surely no king can influence his subjects politically any more.

Only one good turn shall merit another.

The use of NDLEA to dismiss and dismantle all political thugs used to accomplished 2015 election victory will tell more on the use of manipulation this time around so intellectual competency shall play key role in electioneering process this coming election.

My Governor must retract his step or be prepared to retire in politics after his term of office by may 29, 2019.

I remain the only objective and sincere voluntary special adviser who mean well for my Governor incase your doubt.

For purposeful celebration amidst Zero infrastructures accomplishments,
kwara State must settle the following categories of people and look inwardly to industrial and infrastructure overhauling across the state.

NULGE . salary arrears, conduct of local govt election and open support for local Govt autonomy

NUT. salary arrears for all primary school teachers

PENSIONERS. salary arrears

STUDENTS. clearing of 4years bursary deadlock

Among other pressing issues

My Governor must know that only those who work directly at Government house and those with some government appointees are only those who are happy with the government of kwara State, a survey can be launching to ascertain my claims and ascertion above.

Every other good people Of kwara State and my self are not happy with his Excellency including the royal fathers he schedule to give Toyota jeep and Hilux escort as dash.

Until the best is achieve, we shall never rest or stop the open cry.
Amb S A Lukman (Comr.) #AIG
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