WHERE THE GHANA-MUST-GO GOES written by: Ashiru Adefemi

Was just thinking about the Nigeria political climate and many things came across my mind. Nigeria is a multi political system with about 50 parties or more involved.

When the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) recently announced the registration of more political parties, there were array of hopes that more political parties are coming on board not only to merge forces to give the ruling party a fight for its power and resources but also put on formidable opposition to put the ruling party on its toes and therefore continue to strengthen the nation’s democratic development.

Every now and then party names are changed and new ones created. We have seen many parties been swept away, some forming alliances while others breaking out.

We have seen party supporters decamping from a party when his/her party fails to win an election, we have also seen people that should never be a party and even when they realize, it looks like a normal thing to them.

Nigeria been multi-ethnic is prone to nepotism and political jingoism, it pains me more to see party bigwigs; people who were suppose to be credible, honest and loyal to a party decamp. For example the case of Andy Uba, Sullivan Chime, ken Nnamani and others, who have decamped recently. If you take the case of former president Mbeki of South Africa, he was indicted of corruption and asked to resign by his party which he did within one week, yet he didn’t leave his party. More also Former secretary of state Colin Powell endorsed Former President Obama over his party nominee; McCain, still that didn’t make him become a Democrat.

While it is naturally true that there is nothing wrong with politicians defecting from one political party to the other, but with the current trend of defection and carpet crossing in the country, morals, principles, scruples and ideologies have been thrown to the dogs in exchange for self-aggrandizement and opportunism, analysts have averred.

I have come to understand that Nigeria still operates a political system that look like a joke, most members of political parties don’t know the core values of a party before joining, to some the reigning party is the party to belong. “Nigeria political system is a place where you are in one party in the morning and in the evening you are in another party”

Those great men- Mbeki and powell were loyal to their party and knew the core values of their paty, they can’t see themselves jumping from one party to another because of their integrity, conscience, and passion for the goals of their party. But over here in Nigeria the reverse is the case. We have men without shame and credibility. The only thing that matters in the Nigeria political system is where the Ghana-must-go, Goes.

If we continue like this as a country, we will still be in a world of promises instead of policies, broken and obnoxious governmental practices, different visions, different points of agenda, political insecurity, political instability and lots more.

Ashiru Adefemi works with Safarahub and Smartsford Solution.

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  1. Bolanle

    Nice one brother, I hope that very soon we all wakeup from our slumber and do what it takes to make Nigeria better through sacrifice and selfless.

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